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Fry Fish AND….

Let me start off by expressing how much I love island cuisine. This past week has inspired me to do more when it comes to preparing food for my family. As mothers we often approach cooking as something that requires much effort. And yes, at times it does. But on a morning walk this week […]

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Queens Raise Queens: Elle Nielsen Miss St. Croix

Elle Nielsen, Queen of the Pack! I remember when I first met Elle. She was the cutest little girl. A crucian brown skinned baby with dreamy eyes. As she grew, everything about her was intentional from that day until the present. Her personality, her laugh, her optimism…Elle is one of those children you admire and […]

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Loni McGackin: The Face of a Natural Island Mom

Introducing….Loni McGackin! Typically when people think of an Island Mom, she is all shades of black and her body is a little pudgy with a big butt and maybe she is a little loud. Do not get me wrong, there nothing wrong with having a little extra “sauce” in your DNA. But island folk who know […]

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