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My name is Dynel and I am used to folks yelling out to me on the street, "Hey Island Mom" or pumping up a fist and saying "Island Moms Rock." Of course I smile and repeat the words with beaming pride, "ISLAND MOMS ROCK!" Becoming a mom seventeen years ago, I have learned so many lessons about LIFE, LOVE and LOYALTY. A lot of these lessons came the hard way. But throughout all my seasons of highs and lows, I remember what my strong granny from Nevis would say about being able to do the impossible: "Force make water go uphill." Simply stated, the pressures of life are needed to advance us to levels beyond our comprehension! Thank you granny for this sacred message. Now I'm sharing this message with the world...island moms ROCK because we make the impossible POSSIBLE! Maybe it's growing up on an island or within an island household that makes us so unique? Perhaps it's the Culture, the food and dance...or maybe the colorful way of life amidst struggle and sometimes lack that creates such beautiful and well-rounded women such as the island mom. You be the judge, SUBSCRIBE to this site and feel welcome every time you come back to visit. Our Island Moms Rock tees are a great way to express who you are to the masses....Get one today and represent your "islandness"!

    "No one has ever become poor by giving to others" -Anne Frank

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