Dirt Road Mom Drives Pigs

Have you ever thought about how life would be if we could see into the future? What if we knew about tomorrow’s failing test score, next month’s sudden illness or that unexpected engagement on your birthday? Gasp! My guess is we probably wouldn’t DO anything or GO anywhere. Sadly, we would lose the natural enthusiasm we have as humans to anticipate happiness and to be pleasantly surprised. The world would be a colorless place with scared people lacking passion and fulfillment.

I am relieved that I had no inkling of the events that would happen on a normal day in May on my beautiful Caribbean isle, St. Croix. But what may seem like a series of daunting experiences did not dictate the outcome and end result of my day. Funny enough, crooked paths and scary turns sometimes cause us to encounter joy and extreme contentment in some shape or form. It is in the unknown that we build faith to believe that ALL things are working together for our good, especially when the car shows obvious signs of overheating…HUH?

This is exactly what happened to me last week. It was morning time and my friend and customer Genevieve told me to come out to the rainforest to showcase my bling for a few ladies. Excited and prepared, I packed up the Toyota Camry and hit the road with my sidekick RC. You see, I LOVE the rainforest. It’s a familiar place to me. One that represents healing and tranquility. A place of refuge that I once ran to during a stormy season of my life. RC on the other hand was journeying there for the first time. How cool I thought as we entered the long winding road upwards passing Creque Dam on the left hand side, blowing the horn constantly to warn on-comers as to avoid a head on collision. In my head, the skinny road dilemma would be the sole issue if there were to be one. But what was waiting for me I was definitnely not ready for.

The music was pumping and I felt our destination nearing, but somehow I wasn’t quite sure. The rainforest can be a little tricky with it’s multiple points of entry so my mind began to play tricks on me. Nonetheless I pressed the gas pedal without noticing the end of the paved road and “BRACKA-DAM!”…my entire soul and spirit dropped as did poor Betsy (my Camry) nearly splitting her steel frame in four…what an ugly transition I thought. What a blind drop, this ‘kinda thing should be outlawed!

Long story short, the great fall was so intense that it broke the oil pan and caused the oil in my car to drain out within minutes. Stuck in the middle of nowhere with the sun high over head, I didn’t see this one coming.

My only reassuring thought, thank God RC was there! For a little more than two hours (longer story) we waited for the tow truck. Every scary and panicked thought went through my head..what if we get robbed? What if someone gets sick out here? What if it starts raining and my AC doesn’t work? Slowly my spirit got silent and I started listening to the different bird conversations like I did years prior. As I began to tune out the noise, cell phone, radio, my own thoughts…I allowed the sounds of the rainforest to minister to me. Not too long after that I joined the conversation of a group of birds making owl-like noises and the heaviness and frustration was lifted just like that. Nature is a true healer.

You should have seen us at the first sign of the raggedy, flat-bed tow truck slowly approaching. Not sure about RC, but I didn’t know if I was happy or sad to be rescued. The peaceful presence of nature was sweet. Oh well, the car was hitched and it was time to go. RC and I excitedly joined our driver in the cab. Because of vertigo I demanded the window seat and I’m so glad I did as the old wheels rolled us deeper into the forest, we bounced our way through the thick greenery. Our adventure was starting to take shape even though the next event was not clear.

Wild grass, mango and papaya trees were the scenic view with the patchy dirt road leading the way. Funny thing is, I never aborted the mission to meet with Genevieve. Our driver, who I asked if he was the enfamous Pelle replied, “I’s one a dem” agreed to take me to my destination, the Montpellier Domino Club.

As we pulled up and I jumped out, RC snapped several photos of me retrieving some goodies for my deserving customer. So what if my car was on a flat-bed tow truck with ZERO oil? Business is business and my customers are number one.

I was extremely excited to see Genevieve. She was looking vibrant and radiant with her orange Paparazzi accessories and beaming smile. We made it! But what next?

Meet these guys…forgot their names but they were and are the highlight of visiting the Domino Club. These…well…pigs are not your average pigs. With cans of beer (non-alcoholic) in hand, we mentally prepared to connect snout with beer. Which pig would it be?

Out of nowhere, look who raises up for an afternoon drink? RC was tickled pink at the experience and confirmed he had never seen anything like this anywhere as he calculated the precise timing to place the can in this pigs mouth…I couldn’t hold back the laughter and my entire face was a-glow. Was this really happening? Our driver never missed a beat either, he was right there in the mix with us full smiles and laughter. Oh the joy of island life!

As the excitement quieted, we started for the tow truck once again, this time with delicious Roti’s and drinks in hand. Our time at the Domino Club was short and sweet.

As we waved goodbye to all the friendly people, RC pulled me back to capture our final moment, I’m glad he did.

What was supposed to be a simple trip turned into a full day adventure into the lush rainforest of Frederiksted. On the real, I think it was better with a busted oil pan.

Ready for the best part? The money earned from making the “drop” was the exact amount required to pay our new friend for the tow, perfect in every way and totally worth it. Life is not all about making money, but spending quality time with the ones you love and sharing in those moments that take your breathe away. The quality time spent with RC and the opportunity to be grateful for the small things in life was all I needed.

Give thanks for the broken roads of life as they may lead you into pleasures unknown.































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  1. What A magnificrnt joUrney! Sometimes the unexPected routes guide us to the DivinE creatioNS that god has so masterfully designed for us to enjoy and experience! Well written!

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