Ground Foodies on St. Croix

The topic of FOOD has become so complex and confusing. Within the last couple years of my journey towards eating better, I have concluded one thing. Food has become way too complicated!

As a busy mom, sometimes the things we feed our children are out of convenience and not survival. For me, the guilt that comes with cracking open a can of Chef Boyardee or boiling a pack of the orange noodle things many of us run to for a way out of cooking dinner, is heavy. No judgement and I’m not naming it either. LOL.

On the real, a lot of us fall prey to the fancy marketing tactics and labeling so previlant in our supermarkets. Seems like everything is “organic” and “all natural”…how the heck do you really know? Well I’ll tell you, just try reading those lables and doing a little research and you will soon discover lots of the products we consume and categorize  as “healthy” are slowly poisoning our bodies.

So on a recent trip home to our island paradise St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, my dear friend Debbie told me to meet her in Frederiksted as she was visiting with an old co-worker, Willow. Of course being from Frederiksted, I was familiar with the set up and and the corner where Debbie was waiting for me. It is a place where I have purchased coconut water and kenips in the past. However, I wasn’t ready for what I discovered on this particular day on Emancipation Drive!

The island sun was hot and my AC hardly works so as soon as I pulled up, I purchased two coconuts and began to suck down the sweet juice with my straw. I thought that was it. Willow then took his machete and opened up the shells so the jelly could also be consumed. What a delight, but this was only the beginning!

On this day I learned that the name of this establishment is Young Bloodz Market Community Garden, a full blown restaurant and road side market, how did I miss this? It felt so good supporting this initiative and nourishing my body all at the same time. In abundance were local tamarinds and ripe green bananas. Yes I said RIPE!

What really blew me away was when Willow offered me something to eat. I was like, “You have food?” He proceeded to tell me about the special of the day, Red Peas Dumpling Soup. I obliged and my body was so happy I did.

Everything in that container came from the ground. EVERYTHING! It was delicious and every spoonful went down nice. Each bite of the dumplings reminded me of Crucian red pea soup but suprisingly with no meat. Nothing in this bowl of succulence was missing. What an absolute treat, who knew? Well apparently I was the odd woman out, because the little half hour spend on this corner I witnessed car after car pulling up and persons yelling out their window, “Willow, wha yo gah tudeh?” I had to smile, little island treasures is what we have. Small pockets of places we can go to get the true “Superfoods” in their original state. How lucky we are..

My adventure did not end there. You can’t eat without a proper washdown now can you? Not only can you grocery shop here and order take out, but Young Bloodz offers a plethora of homeade natural juices where harvested fruits and veggies are transformed into a liquid sunshine drink. I was blown away at the taste of the Chlorophyl mix up. It was very natural but I didn’t feel like I was drinking grass (I’m not all there yet). While the drink options switch up everyday, you can always count on him having Peanut Punch and Ginger Lemon every day.
Monday thru Friday you can count on Young Bloodz Market to feed your appetite and to give your body a healthy food option. Straight from the earth to your belly.

Here’s the lineup:

Monday: Beets Monday (Food to Cooler)

Tuesday: Red Peas Dumpling

Wednesday: Ital Mushroom Chowder

Thursday: Greens Thursday

Friday: Beets (Food to Cooler)

I snapped this pic of Willow as I stopped by another day to sample his Sour Sop leaf and something drink. It was amazing. Willow is amazing. The ingenuity of island people is amazing. The less fancier but healthier options hold much value in our society. We need to rally and support them, but also support our own well being.

It’s all about getting back to the basics. Simplifying life. Tracing the sources of everything that we eat and drink back to its origin. Where did it come from?

If we can’t answer those questions and be proud of the answers, then we seriously need to reconsider taking that bite.



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6 thoughts on “Ground Foodies on St. Croix

  1. This is an in-depth ARTICLE with a lot of substantial information. Give thanks for showcasing what freedom city, Fredericksted, has to offer when it comes to local cuisines. Definitely will MEK a stop to get some ital and homemade juices, de next time we come home. ITAL is vital!!!

    1. Thank you Sonia, Frederiksted is magical! Ital is indeed VITAL!

  2. you NEVER cease to amaze me …YOU Rock its such a PLEASURE to read your 🌴 EXPERIENCES.

    1. Diane you are too kind! Thank you for your support…we’ll keep the authentic island experiences flowing. xoxoxo

  3. What an amazing experience. Thank you FOR exposing the unseen. I pass him almost every day and never paid any attention to him. However I see something different now.

    1. Thanks you Shermaine, we aim to shed light on the unseen. The Red Pea dumpling mix up is amazing!!!

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