5 Ways for Island Moms to Rock Their Business in 2019

Where did 2018 go?

Some days it felt like it dragged its feet and for the rest of the time, you blinked and another month was over. 2019 is almost here and we know how serious you are about upping your game both personally and professionally.

We reached out to author, mentor and entrepreneurship guru Nerissa Golden to find out how we can do business better in 2019. Here are the five things she suggest we do more of:

  1. Network. Your net worth directly correlates to your network. This is time to not only foster better personal relationships but to find and expand our network to include people who can add value to our business. This means finding new people to follow and interact with on social media. Who are the people dominating in the way you want to? Seek them out and connect with them.
  2. Get More Rest & Relaxation. Sitting at your children’s sports meet doesn’t count, she says. Find your own joy. Join a swim club, run/walk group, plan regular meet-ups with your friends and go to sleep earlier. No more burning the candle at both ends.
  3. Know Your Money Story. Take a look at your books. Where did you make money in 2018? What reasons did you come up with for not doing more? Not enough time, I’m not a good sales person, I don’t like social media. Put those in the same category as “My Dog Ate My Homework”. Be honest with yourself about what needs to change in your money story so you can continue to build on the activities that worked?
  4. Get an Accountability Partner. Do not use your best friend as your accountability partner, Golden recommends. Find someone who can support you impartially in the area you need assistance. If your issues is finance, then find a partner who has mastered this area or further along in the process, to support you. They should also need your support as well to keep them on task. That way, the relationship is mutually beneficial.
  5. Be More Visible. 2019, the author of The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur and the Return to Love series about a group of female entrepreneurs says, is not the time to hide out on social media and lurk. This is the time to stand in our power and showcase our gifts and talents. If you’ve got a skill, celebrate and promote it. Raise your prices. Do more live streams. Improve your social media strategy to harness the masses looking for your unique skills. When you have a measure of success, keep at it. Consistency is Queen!

Tell us how you plan to rock your business in 2019? How can we support you. Check our Nerissa’s website and books and digital courses at www.nerissagolden.com .

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways for Island Moms to Rock Their Business in 2019

  1. Great Advise!! I definitely plan to utilize all of these more in 2019, especially incorporating more R&R 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing Nicky. R&R is the new hustle! Happy Holidays xoxo

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