Queens Raise Queens: Elle Nielsen Miss St. Croix

Elle Nielsen, Queen of the Pack!

I remember when I first met Elle. She was the cutest little girl. A crucian brown skinned baby with dreamy eyes. As she grew, everything about her was intentional from that day until the present. Her personality, her laugh, her optimism…Elle is one of those children you admire and quietly hope your little girl would grow up to emulate.

But who’s responsible for such a work of art and how do you nurture such an eclectic soul? As the mother of two girls, I know first hand of the struggle being so real trying to juggle between making sure your daughter doesn’t end up with self-esteem issues but protecting and guiding her enough towards making fashion decisions that don’t compromise her eclectic taste (or your good community standing!) Ok so act like you know how harsh some Caribbean parents can be when it comes to words *smirk* For example, when you think you look your best, your mother would glare at you and ask bold face, “Why you look so big in that dress?” OMG. But we all grew up knowing it was nothing but L-O-V-E.

Fast forward a few more years and Elle has grown to be an ah-mazing dancer, graduate student, entrepreneur and sparkling Queen. Sadly, she will soon resign her title of the reigning Miss St. Croix 2016-2017. Reassuringly, she has created a legacy for future island princesses to follow in her footsteps by being all about her community and Flat Out FABULOUS!

But we cannot talk about the lady with the crown without paying homage to the original QUEEN B, Life-giver, nurturer, tear-wiper and giver of free hugs…Elle’s mother Terry represents for Island Moms everywhere and is the reason why her daughter can Rock our “Island Moms Rock” tee with true pride.

On an island riddled with single moms working to provide a home as close to “normal” for their children, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the budding talent of your young child. But Terry quickly identified the raw talent of her child and hit the ground running, preparing and conditioning her for this crowning moment.

So while Elle has yet to become a mother (yes we know this is Island MOMS Rock) its obvious why she fell into our arms. Her mom is one of the coolest island moms we know this side of civilization. Here’s what Elle told us about Terry:

IMR: Where’s your mom from?

E: My mom was born in New York City and raised in St. Croix. She lives in Christiansted near Gallows Bay and admits she couldn’t take the stateside life and now prefers mosquitoes, hurricane seasons and inflated prices in place of name brand dining, clothes and everything else.

IMR: What do you love MOST about living there?

E: We both enjoy how efficient the neighborhood is with everything being in close proximity.

IMR: How many children does your mom have?

E: Terry has one child, me! She said I am five kids in one and one is enough!!!

Miss St. Croix 2016-2017 Elle Nielsen, Island Moms Rock photoshoot, St. Croix

IMR: What’s the greatest thing about your mom?

E: The greatest thing about my mother is her consistent calmness through tribulation and her positive resilience through discovering a resolution.

IMR: Name one fear that your mother has conquered as a mom.

E: It is not a fear but a daily ambition of constantly making sure I invest deeply in my aspirations so that I can later provide for my mom relentlessly and selflessly as she has done for me. I want to give her the world!

IMR: How is an ISLAND mom different from other moms?

E: Island Moms were created intricately unique and phenomenal through the preservation of cultural idioms other mothers would not begin to comprehend.

IMR: What do you think is the greatest STRENGTH of an island mom?

E: The greatest strength of an island mom is her ability to be that unbreakable power house through any situation good or bad for their children. Even through hurt and pain, they have enough heart to continue to love and encourage.

IMR: What’s your mom’s second favorite Caribbean island?

E: She enjoys places where she can shop until she drops and completely unwind. Recently, the island of Nevis was quite enjoyable for her.

IMR: Name one bucket list item she has yet to fulfill.

E: I know she has mentioned wanting a tragus ear piercing, but I will opt to take her skydiving  when I finally make up my mind, she has no clue but she is coming with me!

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